About Taos Big Read

Over the past several years, in communities across the country, the National Endowment for the Arts has been promoting a program called THE BIG READ.  Each participating community chooses a single book from a list of about twenty supported titles, buys a lot of copies, and distributes them, free, to all those who want to be a part of the program. Over the course of a month, the sponsoring organizations host a variety of fun events to encourage everybody to read and discuss the book.

The idea is to enjoy literature as a community, draw in lapsed or “reluctant” readers, and to spur conversation across differences – differences in age, in race or ethnicity, in economic background; differences in lifestyle and opinion and experience – all in the service of celebrating literature and understanding each other a little better.

This year, we decided to adopt a collection of Mexican short stories called Sun, Stone, and Shadows: 20 Great Mexican Short Stories. This book was published expressly for The Big Read. Its stories, selected with U.S. readers in mind, represent a remarkable array of Mexico's rich and vibrant literary history. We hope that the book will be a catalyst for cultural understsanding and conversation between the people of Mexico and the people of Taos, an area which enjoys deep and complex ties to Mexico.

Elementary school children will be able to enjoy readings and activities surrounding one of the stories in the book - 'My Life with the Wave' by Octavio Paz - which has been made into a children's story by the same name. 

But the program is not only for students, and is definitely not confined to the academic setting.  We’re hoping to get EVERYBODY reading this book, and interacting with literature in creative ways.  We will have a big, fun kickoff for both adults, teens, and children, fascinating presentations, book discussion groups, and a film. Check for details under our EVENTS tab on this website. 

To learn more about the national program, please visit www.neabigread.org.  You can also learn more about SOMOS, the primary sponsor of THE BIG READ in Taos, at www.somostaos.org

You can get involved with the Big Read by contacting us (see our CONTACT US) tab, checking us out on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/taosbigread), or joining our email list (send an email to taosbigread@gmail.com.

Please help us make this program a success for our students and for all of Taos County.